Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Caveat Lector

For readers new and old, what follows is a new disclaimer for this blog. It has been primarily culled from previously published material. We advise that all visitors carefully note what it has to say about reading and contributing to Energiser Bunny:
This blog represents the authors’ opinions, which are primarily based on publicly available information. There is no intention to maliciously or falsely harm the reputation of anyone discussed on this blog. We are dedicated to providing a corrective to what we believe is a ruthlessly perpetuated campaign of distortion and sanitisation. We strive to provide thorough justification for all of our claims. We advise that all readers consider the evidence put before them and make up their own minds.

We welcome submissions from readers via the comments feature. However, all submissions are reviewed before publication. If submissions are statements of fact, we will be required to substantiate their claims before publication. Generally, we will publish statements of honest opinion provided that they have a reasonable basis in the matters discussed on this site.

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