Saturday, August 12, 2006

False Credentials

Murali K. Thalluri makes this admission is an interview with the ABC's Richard Fidler:
"I made a certificate saying I'd graduated from a certain drama school and I got a job working at a local acting school in South Australia as an acting teacher for 10 weeks and this allowed me to go in there and slowly spot talent. They thought I was their teacher so they opened up to me and if I liked someone I'd bring them in on the weekend and workshop them.
See also Peter Galvin's article on 2:37 in the latest issue of Inside Film Magazine (p. 22, issue 90, August 2006):
[Murali] faked a certificate and got a job teaching acting after school to spot talent.
This is the evidence. See for yourself. Make up your own mind.

There seems, to us, to be two obvious options here:

A) This story is a lie. Murali did not falsify his academic credentials in order to obtain employment, which he took advantage of towards his own ulterior motives. It is, rather, a memorable story to illustrate Murali's ambition, his desire to bend the rules and succeed, to fight the system.

B) This story is the truth. Murali falsified academic credentials in order to obtain employment, which he took advantage of to further his own ulterior motives. In doing so, he may have breached the South Australian Criminal Law Consolidation Act. According to section 144B(1) of the Act,
(1) A person who—


(b) falsely pretends—
(i) to have particular qualifications...

makes a false pretence to which this section applies.
We suggest you look closely at these particular offences in this context:

Dishonest dealings with documents
Dishonest manipulation of machines

If this story is the truth, Murali has perhaps broken other specific laws. For instance, aren't teachers supposed to be adequately qualified if they are dealing with minors? We're not sure. We're not lawyers.

Ultimately, this incident indicates the precise pattern of behaviour that we have been reporting from the very start of this whole shambles.

Don't just take our word for it. After all, who are we? A couple of anonymous nobodies, too scared of Murali's revenge to put our names up here.

Be open-minded. We haven't made anything up. The evidence is all out there. Read it. Ask questions.

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